The Tesla Rental Experience

No, this is not the name of Robert’s new progressive rock band. He rented a Tesla 3 at the Orlando airport and realized he may be too old of a dog to learn how to drive this new trick. He also may not have the money for the insurance if he ever wanted to own one.

Free Coverage for Wealthy Depositors

Robert wonders why deposits for bank account holders in excess of $250,000 are insured despite exceeding the explicit limits of coverage and despite no premiums having been paid on those excess deposits. Are those depositors more important to the economy than the rest of us? Maybe “taxpayers” won’t pay for the Silicon Valley Bank bailout, but everyone who uses the banking system will. Is there a difference?

Tragedy in East Lansing

Michigan State University was locked down on the evening of February 13, 2023 while campus police searched for a shooter suspected of killing three people and injuring several others. Robert is an MSU alumnus and he talks through some of his feelings over the past week. He also reveals that he is an agent that sells active shooter insurance.

Police Officer Liability Insurance?

The video released to the public showing the police beating of Tyre Nichols has spurred renewed calls for the end of immunity for police officers from personal liability. If laws were changed, how would that impact applications for police officer jobs, officer behavior, and how likely is the insurance industry to respond with a product solution?

The Blind Massage Therapist

Robert is joined by Kelly Ann Barker, human resources professional, and he shares his experience with a blind massage therapist. The episode runs a little longer than usual when Robert flashes back to a high school consumer economics class taught by his old gymnastics coach.

The $150 Million Physical

The physical exams administered to Carlos Correa by the SF Giants and NY Mets have cost him $150 million. He now has a six-year deal offered by the Minnesota Twins PENDING A PHYSICAL.  Insurance, or more accurately, the lack of insurance available is driving the market down for this very talented shortstop.